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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Before you bring a bag to store repair damaged bags, there are several things you should know so they do not always need to replace the bag is damaged.

such as:

Handbook bag is part of the bag the most easily damaged.
You can repair or replace the grip with a grip bag purse that is not used or new specialty bags.

* The end of the bag that can change color with the correct color back.

* Suture layer in the bag can be repaired with loose sewed back

* Resleting damaged bags should be diganti.sesuai size resleting installed.

* Accessories on the bag, such as a button, or the cover lock (if there is a lock) can be repaired and the material can be purchased in a store bag accessories.

* If your bag perforated, can refine the material with the same type of material or with the same color.

* To strengthen your shoulder bag, add the appropriate chain of rope the size you want.

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