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Monday, December 24, 2012


2013 HANDBAGS 1 : Handheld bag or clutch bag is a trend among fashionistas. For semi-formal event and want to look relaxed, use a neutral-colored clutch bag such as brown or black. While the formal events, maximize performance with a full embroidered clutch bag or a sprinkling of crystals and beads.

2013 HANDBAGS 2 :
 Bags with fur detail on winter collection. Starting from

Monday, August 1, 2011


Dubai: Bag is an accessory that complements the overall appearance of a person, especially women. No wonder so many designers of accessories making it to her. That is what ultimately inspires a designer from Dubai, to design the most expensive handbags in the world.

Bags are priced at U.S. $ 3.8 million that also authorized the Guinness Book of World Records. Bags designed by House of Mouawad who was studded with heart-shaped 381-carat diamond grains 4517.

"It takes the skills of 10 workers funds to complete 1110 hours of handbags called
1001 Nights Diamond Purse," said Pascal Mouawad, the co-guardian of The House of Mouawad. "The 1001 Nights Mouawad Diamond Purse is designed to attract those who wear it. It takes precision to resolve the intricate details and the installation of diamonds in this bag."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Strength Of Reptile Skin Handbag

The superiority of snake skin are located in the beautiful coraknya for various types of snakes that can be used as commodity goods such as cobra snake and python.

While goat leather is usually processed into: boots, luggage troly, jacket, coat, hat, children's shoes.

Skin that is used as a raw material for making leather products divided into several types, including:

(A) Skin Blank.

made from cow leather raw materials, calf, bull and the skin that is small or moderate.
On the skin type, are generally made vegetable tannery (not with chrome tannery).
Skin has a blank character, among others, elastic, easily folded, and strong. Generally this type of leather used in making the backpack, handbag, saddle, and so forth.

(B) Skin Vachet

Raw material comes from vachet, the cowhide (especially male) and the tannery be entirely vegetable.

Skin vachet this is weak, wide, with thick only in the range of 1,0-1,5 mm. Vachet this type of leather used in making bag cushion, seat cushion, car seats, and so forth.

(C) Skin Furniture

This type of leather furniture is elastic and has good strength.
This is the same type of skin with skin skin blank, only fattened more.

(D) Skin Reptiles

Reptile skin can be used as the material making handbag, shoes, wallet, belt, and so forth. Some animals such as reptiles snake, commodo and the animal is a crocodile tannery with vegetable, synthetic, or crom.

Accessories in leather need special care.
How to remove dirt that can stick to clean themselves.

The following accessories skin care tips:
- Then rub the surface of the skin with a strong cleaner dainesse.
- Use spon foam or soft cloth as a polisher.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Before you bring a bag to store repair damaged bags, there are several things you should know so they do not always need to replace the bag is damaged.

such as:

Handbook bag is part of the bag the most easily damaged.
You can repair or replace the grip with a grip bag purse that is not used or new specialty bags.

* The end of the bag that can change color with the correct color back.

* Suture layer in the bag can be repaired with loose sewed back

* Resleting damaged bags should be diganti.sesuai size resleting installed.

* Accessories on the bag, such as a button, or the cover lock (if there is a lock) can be repaired and the material can be purchased in a store bag accessories.

* If your bag perforated, can refine the material with the same type of material or with the same color.

* To strengthen your shoulder bag, add the appropriate chain of rope the size you want.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Bag for $ 1.63 million

14 June 2007 at the Ginza Tanaka Bag Diamond Platinum showcase this in an exhibition in tokyo. Handbag is made from 100% pure platinum decorated with 2,182 diamonds with a total of 208 carat. Handbag with price $ 1,630,000 or approximately 15.3 billion rupiah READ MORE......

Friday, February 20, 2009


For the general public, distinguish the original and fake bags is not an easy task, especially the purse counterfeiter now the smart brand only.

So that you are not gullible.

1. Bag Price
Never believe the original branded goods if the price 30 percent below the original price.
Other example, if a boutique offering 2 million purse, but in the official outlets around Rp 15 million, can be false if the bag of the original 50% discount means the price of about 7.5 million.

2. Bag structure
Even if the material of the canvas, silk, or cloth, the bag has the original structure of the solid.
Stitch pattern of the skeleton and the bag system with a double stitch or sewed with a thread and sewed two double twice.

3. Zip
Note the zip. The original material is rather rough and usually kaitnya diembos with the brand logo.Different seasons, the model is usually zip. In addition, branded zipper bags have a standard size and weight of a certain dimension.

4. Wrapping bag
Dustbag (bag wrapping) of the original material that has a fine size is wider than a protective carrying case. Conversely, false dustbag bag size is very narrow.
note the original dustbag goods, along with cleaning cloth.

5. In sheathing
Sheathing in the original bag is usually made of materials or fine suede.
Meanwhile, the upholstery in the bag pattern logo and name brands.
Each season can be different. Identify the logo and brand of the letter because it is often different from the false form of letters, and even reversed.

6. Serial Number
Serial number is usually hidden inside the bag. Not only the sequence number, but it also means that there is.For example, the SP0037 is made in March 2007. Serial number location of each model is different bag.

7. 'Made in'
Chanel bag made certain made in Indonesian,Italy or France.

8. Tags
Tags that have shaped the hologram, or emboss. For certain brands,
accompanied by a booklet explaining the type of bag and how to care.

9. Protective Metal Base
In the branded bag, there is usually protective metal base in the bottom of the bag so that the skin is not easy to base bag scratches.Some brands have a protective metal base with a certain standard and in-brand logo emboss.

10. Skin color
If your sharp eye, skin color differences in the original bag and the bag is also easy to counterfeit seen. Although the same black color thickness difficult falsified.
To find out the bag that you have branded original or fake, do not hesitate to come to official outlets.Typically, they provide services to declare the goods are genuine or counterfeit.


Many people choose and buy the original bag. Sometimes a bag just because it was bought brand or color. Ideal or not is not likely to be used when the reason again. There is a tendency for choosing the origin of the bag, without further consideration, which is enough to load all the goods that they need.

Apart from the benefits and benefits to accommodate the various needs of your bag you normally have a life force that visual effect on your appearance. Bag can help you edit the form of your body that may be proportionally less. We may never realize it, if you select is right then you can appear attractive, but rather can also destroy your image.

Elections bag will attract the right eyes of all who look. You know the origin of the right key. You have a great body tends to use the large bag, and the body has a small select the size of a small bag.

1.Tipe Body: Short and slim

A small bag and always stick to the body is suitable for you. Do not use bags that are large because it will make your body more visible in the small sink and swallow the bag.

2.Tipe Body: High and lean

Select a medium sized bag. Select a bag for a long strap to your waist. And if the strap short, try the bag is located right under your arm. Thus, the bag will give the illusion on the body as if your body contains solid.

3.Tipe Body: Big Hips

You have a wide butt sometimes resentful when it became the center of attention. No problem if you are so proud, but sometimes you do not feel comfortable not. So the best solution is to choose the bag that hang above your buttocks.

4.Tipe Body: Top Heavy

If the top of your body, including large, there is a tendency to weight the bottom of a more slender. Bag with a long strap or handbag is a good trick to overcome the lack of it. And please do not hesitate to choose the bag with a large size.
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