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Friday, February 20, 2009


Many people choose and buy the original bag. Sometimes a bag just because it was bought brand or color. Ideal or not is not likely to be used when the reason again. There is a tendency for choosing the origin of the bag, without further consideration, which is enough to load all the goods that they need.

Apart from the benefits and benefits to accommodate the various needs of your bag you normally have a life force that visual effect on your appearance. Bag can help you edit the form of your body that may be proportionally less. We may never realize it, if you select is right then you can appear attractive, but rather can also destroy your image.

Elections bag will attract the right eyes of all who look. You know the origin of the right key. You have a great body tends to use the large bag, and the body has a small select the size of a small bag.

1.Tipe Body: Short and slim

A small bag and always stick to the body is suitable for you. Do not use bags that are large because it will make your body more visible in the small sink and swallow the bag.

2.Tipe Body: High and lean

Select a medium sized bag. Select a bag for a long strap to your waist. And if the strap short, try the bag is located right under your arm. Thus, the bag will give the illusion on the body as if your body contains solid.

3.Tipe Body: Big Hips

You have a wide butt sometimes resentful when it became the center of attention. No problem if you are so proud, but sometimes you do not feel comfortable not. So the best solution is to choose the bag that hang above your buttocks.

4.Tipe Body: Top Heavy

If the top of your body, including large, there is a tendency to weight the bottom of a more slender. Bag with a long strap or handbag is a good trick to overcome the lack of it. And please do not hesitate to choose the bag with a large size.

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