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Monday, December 24, 2012


2013 HANDBAGS 1 : Handheld bag or clutch bag is a trend among fashionistas. For semi-formal event and want to look relaxed, use a neutral-colored clutch bag such as brown or black. While the formal events, maximize performance with a full embroidered clutch bag or a sprinkling of crystals and beads.

2013 HANDBAGS 2 :
 Bags with fur detail on winter collection. Starting from
the original to the imitation fur. Bags made of fur has always managed to bring the luxury and unique appearance, making it suitable worn on formal occasions.


2013 HANDBAGS 3 :
In addition to a large bag, a very small sized bag is also a favorite of the designers of the world as the winter collection. Use this mini-sized bag for a date or a party. Usually these bags serve as temapt put lipstick and your mobile phone.

2013 HANDBAGS 4 :
Leather or leather are being widely used and favored by designers of the world, trmasuk the collection of accessories such as handbags. Either genuine leather or imitation leather bag will look 'expensive' and elegant. You can use this leather handbag for all occasions, from the office, the street with friends, or to a fashion show.


2013 HANDBAGS 5 :
Large bag is perfect for your dynamic women who often carry a lot of stuff, but wanted to remain practical and stylish look.

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