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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Strength Of Reptile Skin Handbag

The superiority of snake skin are located in the beautiful coraknya for various types of snakes that can be used as commodity goods such as cobra snake and python.

While goat leather is usually processed into: boots, luggage troly, jacket, coat, hat, children's shoes.

Skin that is used as a raw material for making leather products divided into several types, including:

(A) Skin Blank.

made from cow leather raw materials, calf, bull and the skin that is small or moderate.
On the skin type, are generally made vegetable tannery (not with chrome tannery).
Skin has a blank character, among others, elastic, easily folded, and strong. Generally this type of leather used in making the backpack, handbag, saddle, and so forth.

(B) Skin Vachet

Raw material comes from vachet, the cowhide (especially male) and the tannery be entirely vegetable.

Skin vachet this is weak, wide, with thick only in the range of 1,0-1,5 mm. Vachet this type of leather used in making bag cushion, seat cushion, car seats, and so forth.

(C) Skin Furniture

This type of leather furniture is elastic and has good strength.
This is the same type of skin with skin skin blank, only fattened more.

(D) Skin Reptiles

Reptile skin can be used as the material making handbag, shoes, wallet, belt, and so forth. Some animals such as reptiles snake, commodo and the animal is a crocodile tannery with vegetable, synthetic, or crom.

Accessories in leather need special care.
How to remove dirt that can stick to clean themselves.

The following accessories skin care tips:
- Then rub the surface of the skin with a strong cleaner dainesse.
- Use spon foam or soft cloth as a polisher.

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