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Friday, February 20, 2009


For the general public, distinguish the original and fake bags is not an easy task, especially the purse counterfeiter now the smart brand only.

So that you are not gullible.

1. Bag Price
Never believe the original branded goods if the price 30 percent below the original price.
Other example, if a boutique offering 2 million purse, but in the official outlets around Rp 15 million, can be false if the bag of the original 50% discount means the price of about 7.5 million.

2. Bag structure
Even if the material of the canvas, silk, or cloth, the bag has the original structure of the solid.
Stitch pattern of the skeleton and the bag system with a double stitch or sewed with a thread and sewed two double twice.

3. Zip
Note the zip. The original material is rather rough and usually kaitnya diembos with the brand logo.Different seasons, the model is usually zip. In addition, branded zipper bags have a standard size and weight of a certain dimension.

4. Wrapping bag
Dustbag (bag wrapping) of the original material that has a fine size is wider than a protective carrying case. Conversely, false dustbag bag size is very narrow.
note the original dustbag goods, along with cleaning cloth.

5. In sheathing
Sheathing in the original bag is usually made of materials or fine suede.
Meanwhile, the upholstery in the bag pattern logo and name brands.
Each season can be different. Identify the logo and brand of the letter because it is often different from the false form of letters, and even reversed.

6. Serial Number
Serial number is usually hidden inside the bag. Not only the sequence number, but it also means that there is.For example, the SP0037 is made in March 2007. Serial number location of each model is different bag.

7. 'Made in'
Chanel bag made certain made in Indonesian,Italy or France.

8. Tags
Tags that have shaped the hologram, or emboss. For certain brands,
accompanied by a booklet explaining the type of bag and how to care.

9. Protective Metal Base
In the branded bag, there is usually protective metal base in the bottom of the bag so that the skin is not easy to base bag scratches.Some brands have a protective metal base with a certain standard and in-brand logo emboss.

10. Skin color
If your sharp eye, skin color differences in the original bag and the bag is also easy to counterfeit seen. Although the same black color thickness difficult falsified.
To find out the bag that you have branded original or fake, do not hesitate to come to official outlets.Typically, they provide services to declare the goods are genuine or counterfeit.

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